Indoor Plant Food

Share what you use!

My aunt, who is more like a second mom to me, is a plant lover who makes sure all of us have plenty of foliage in our homes. She feeds her many plants with her fish tank food, which is nutritious and perfect for her needs. Sadly I have cats who manage to eat our fish, so we haven't kept fish in the house for years.

Instead, I've been purchasing plant food but I'm not a fan of any of it. I don't want to use anything that could harm my critters, and I hate mixing the big bag of food that doesn't stay mixed very well. It also smells terrible, which invites my cats to come closer! I keep my plants out of cat reach, but they do get creative when they try to make a jump that long sometimes.

What do you use for plant food? I'd love your advice in the chat.

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New Ways to Display Plants

Share your creative ideas!

A friend of mine is hanging a ladder in her home to hang plants and I am SO green with plant envy! I keep trying to find a place to do the same but fail when I remember how the cats could get into it. Her ceilings are higher than mine so her pets can stay safe much more easily.

Last week we talked about creepy plant displays (I haven't found more doll heads for mine yet but still want to do that!), so this week I thought we'd take a look at some creative ways to display plants indoors. Most of mine are in hanging baskets away from cat access, and I'd love some more creative solutions. This idea to actually hang the plants right on the wall definitely has me intrigued and may be a workable solution!

How do you creatively display plants in your house? Share your solutions in the chat.

Your Graveyard Garden

Show us your pics!

Every year, we turn part of our garden into a graveyard for Halloween. It's not a big to-do; we really just scatter bones, rubber organs, graves, etc. everywhere. I could really use some help in finding out a way to keep our tombstones upright (probably some metal stakes that prod deeper into them!) but otherwise I like how it looks.

This year we went a little further with a few displays across the yard. We can't get too intricate since our dogs will mistake things for toys, but we added a few things to more garden areas, including a doll head in a pot that I love so much I need to get more doll heads! 

How about you? How do you decorate your garden? I'd love to see photos if you can put them in the chat!

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Disguising Dead Plants!

Have you ever done this?

There's a wild post being shared about using dead plants as Christmas decorations and I'm here for it! Apparently people who kill their plants (particularly their mums) or let them die when it starts to frost have been spray painting those plants silver and adding holiday ornaments to make Christmas decorations!

This is an unbelievably brilliant idea. I know, first I had the same reservations you may be having--it's dead! Why do this to something dead? But how many of us use apples for stamping, preserve dead leaves or dry herbs and other weird activities with plants? This is really a great way to give something new life, so to speak!

What other creative things do you do to repurpose plants that aren't doing so well? Share them in the chat!

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Fall Container Gardening

What are you planting?

We talk a lot about outdoor gardening here, but we do a lot of indoor gardening at our home, and you may do the same. It can be difficult to choose which plants you want for indoor gardens, but this handy guide has some excellent ideas for a fall indoor garden.

Herbs are almost always a good idea, especially since you can use them in your cooking and they add to the scent of your home. Lots of plants, like Boston ferns and ivy, help clean your air as well.

Do you keep succulents in your home? How about orchids or festive ferns? Share what plants you're planting this fall in the chat!

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Perennial Gardening Tips

Share yours in the chat!

One of my dreams is to have a beautiful perennial garden that is full of native wildlife. Every year I add a little but one day I hope to have some kind of meadow for the birds, bees and butterflies in my yard! 

This video is a fantastic starting point in doing that. You can learn all kinds of ways to add color to your garden, where to plant in terms of shade and light, as well as fall tips to help you really make the most of your garden.

Do you have any tips for planting a perennial garden? Share them in the chat.

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Saving Outdoor Plants

What do you do with them all?

Now that the weather is getting cooler, it's time to figure out what to do with all my outdoor plants. My aunt gave me a TON of them over the summer and I have no idea what to do with them all! I have a couple of safe spaces in my home for them, but in most spots a cat or dog would only kill them. 

I thought I could give some away as houseplants if I were able to get new containers, or I could make one of those Take One, Leave One plant shelves I keep seeing online.

What do you do to save your plants during the winter?

It's Mum Season!

It's time for autumn colors everywhere!

The first flyer for these seasonal delights has arrived: MUMS! All the mums! Oh, I can't wait to light up the place like a fall fouth of July! Mum fireworks! Of course, I have pets and I can't just plant them anywhere, but I can definitely still have them in strategic areas, like my deck, where my dogs can't venture. I sure wish I could have them in more spots!

Our chicken feed store usually has the best deals on mums, but a lot of home improvement stores have been sending flyers with sales in them already, too. The nursery has the best variety, of course.

Where do you get your mums? Any mum planting tips to share?

Fall Garden Prep

What's on your agenda?

Fall is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about what you might want to do for your fall gardening. Are you growing cold weather crops? Just cleaning out the old stuff? Maybe you're like me and you want mums everywhere (but can't due to your pets!).

Replenishing soil is a must if you're doing anything new, so be sure to do that. I highly reccomend a layer of chicken poop in between soil if you can! Mine come in very handy for that and make my garden grow incredible things. I grew a Chinese cucumber this summer the span of both my arms.

What do you do to prep your garden? Share your tips in the chat.

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Best Ways To Use Up Produce

Share your favorites!

My poor garden never has a great abundance worth sharing. I grow enough for us to munch on--maybe enough peppers to cook for a meal or two--but that's it. I'm not the most attentive gardener, so it's not my garden's fault! 

But people like my mom, who are in their gardens every single day, are able to yield quite a crop! She's constantly dropping off her extra produce at our house (which we appreciate!) and the homes of other loved ones. But what do you do when you have plenty and then some to give away?

Many food pantries accept donations of fresh food, and you can always start to can as a new hobby. If your produce isn't very appetizing looking, you can give some of it as treats to chickens. What other ways do you use up your produce? Share them in the chat. 

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