Mini Gardens for Food

Did you know that one in three U.S. households produces at least one thing to eat at home? It's not as many homes as maybe 150 years ago, but it's heartening, and there are more things being developed each year to help make gardening even more accessible and easier to the average person. One such tool is Seedsheet, a mini garden startup kit developed by Cam MacKugler in Vermont.

Whimsy in the Garden

Recenty I saw an ad for a velociraptor for your garden. At over $2,000, it's not exactly in my price range, but it's pretty amazing and it's got me thinking. Since then I've seen cool sculptures in people's gardens, with the most impressive one being a life-size giraffe! I have a few cute things in my garden, from bug homes to a gnome here and there, but now I'm thinking up all kinds of fun ideas to create whimsy in my garden.

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