Fall Planting

This fall, I'm growing a few herbs indoors but I'm honestly not doing a whole lot outside. We've been so busy that we really have a lot of maintenance to do before we tackle a new garden, and between that and a sick cat, wild schedules, school and work, I think a garden might not do very well for us this year. Then again, I've had some really nice potted plants do well this year despite the constant rush, so who knows? You can get lucky!

Jiffy Peat Pellets

I've always liked Jiffy pellets for starting seeds indoors, especially when I have a tight space and want to grow a bunch in one area without making a big mess in my kitchen. I always thought it was a win-win scenario, since the pellets just mix in with your soil and the netting dissolves over time, but it turns out that the netting doesn't dissolve as quickly as one might hope for.

Millions Of Peaches, Peaches For Me

One of my goals is to grow our own fruit trees, but I know it can be a time-consuming process. I've read that you can't even eat the fruit for the first year or two for many fruits that you grow at home, too. My aunt bought a house with a peach tree in the front yard, and I'm so excited to eat peaches from it! I also want to have one of my own, so these peach growing tips will come in handy.

Favorite Succulents

Why do succulents make our hearts sing so much? For me, I know there's definitely a connection to my grandmother, who was my best friend for many years. She's been gone for almost a decade and a half but I bought her old house and always try to have a few to honor her, since she always had succulents. She did a much better job at maintaining her gardens than I do, though!

To-Do List For June

Can you believe it's almost Strawberry Moon? It feels like June just arrived and it's nearly half over already. It seems to get worse every year. This month there is a TON to do in the garden, especially if you've got yours going full swing by now. It's definitely time to refresh that manure if you're using it, as well as to move plants outside now that the threat of frost is over (or is it? In the Midwest it's been downright chilly at night!) for a nice dose of summer sun.

Fairy Gardens

It's that time of year again--fairy garden time! Fairy gardens are some of the cutest garden projects, hands down, and they've become so mainstream that you can even pick up supplies at Wal-Mart, Target and wherever you get craft supplies. Tiny founatins, bird houses, benches, ponds... you can get most of it just about anywhere, and if you can't find it, you can make it with oven baked clay. There are also a number of Etsy shops and other small businesses that specialize in making fairy garden starter kits and accessories!

Weed Control

Okay gardeners, this is my biggest weak spot: weed control! How do you even begin to manage it? Up until now, my best strategy has basically been laborious elbow grease, pulling and pulling again. I hear prevention can be helpful, but I don't like weed killers and won't use them--at least, not the commercial ones. If there are more natural ones available I might be interested. 


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