A Village Fit For Mice

In my family, we love mice so much that I had to say no when my husband and daughter wanted a snake. We had it in the house for two nights and I couldn't stand the idea of feeding it mice--or worse, rabbits, when it got older. We've had many mice pets! I understand they have to eat them, but I won't buy them as food. Luckily the breeder was happy to have the snake returned.

DIY Gifts For Gardeners

With so many gardeners in my life, I'm racking my brain to find the best holiday gift ideas for them. I love to make handmade gifts, either as the main gift or along with something I've purchased, and I thought some seed bombs might be fun this year, but only for the people who have told me what they plan on planting. I was thinking making some seed paper might also be a fun project.

Shopping For A Green Thumb

Gardeners, if I were to ask you just what you wanted this year, with no questions asked and no expense spared, what would you ask Santa for in regards to your gardening needs? I have a big piece of property that I know I'd ask for help with! Maybe Santa could let me borrow a few elves for groundskeeping purposes. Aside from that, I know I'd love a greenhouse for some all-year vegetables (not to mention veggies kept away from the deer), and maybe a beekeeping class.


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