To-Do List For June

Can you believe it's almost Strawberry Moon? It feels like June just arrived and it's nearly half over already. It seems to get worse every year. This month there is a TON to do in the garden, especially if you've got yours going full swing by now. It's definitely time to refresh that manure if you're using it, as well as to move plants outside now that the threat of frost is over (or is it? In the Midwest it's been downright chilly at night!) for a nice dose of summer sun.

Fairy Gardens

It's that time of year again--fairy garden time! Fairy gardens are some of the cutest garden projects, hands down, and they've become so mainstream that you can even pick up supplies at Wal-Mart, Target and wherever you get craft supplies. Tiny founatins, bird houses, benches, ponds... you can get most of it just about anywhere, and if you can't find it, you can make it with oven baked clay. There are also a number of Etsy shops and other small businesses that specialize in making fairy garden starter kits and accessories!

Weed Control

Okay gardeners, this is my biggest weak spot: weed control! How do you even begin to manage it? Up until now, my best strategy has basically been laborious elbow grease, pulling and pulling again. I hear prevention can be helpful, but I don't like weed killers and won't use them--at least, not the commercial ones. If there are more natural ones available I might be interested. 

Tracking Germination

Do you have any little hands growing flowers and plants this year? Whether they are your children, students, family or neighbors, growing a garden with young people is always a good idea! Help them learn where their food comes from and empower them to provide food for themselves and develop a fun lifetime hobby in the process.

Starting A Veggie Garden

The stirrings of garden fever usually begin in February in my house. That's when we'll get our little starter plants going before we transplant them in the garden once the final frost is over (and it sounds like that might be later rather than sooner for some in the Midwest; be safe during Wesley this week!). But this year between illnesses, class loads and other shenanigans we just haven't started anything!

The Key to the Greatest Garden

Different gardeners swear by different tips, tricks and methods, and often something that worked for one person just won't for another. Then again, there are often tried-and-true tips that work for most people, so you never know what to expect. I recently read about an expert saying that patience is really key to getting the best garden results and I'd have to agree.

The Healthiest Soil

Soil prep is probably the most important thing to plan when it comes to your garden. We all love to peruse those Baker Seed catalogs and visualize the most unique heirloom veggies in our plot, but really none of it's possible without the be best soil. I've talked before about how I try to incorporate my own compost and hen manure, but I ran across this post and was so inspired by all of the great ideas at Wellness Mama.

Spring Garden Prep

The daffodils and crocuses have bloomed and then some where I live and it's high time to start prepping those gardens for springtime! Whether you grow an abundant veggie and fruit garden or beautiful flowers for show, if you're not ready for spring yet, now is the time to get prepared for warmer weather. I already have friends requesting chicken manure so it's definitely on many peoples' minds!

OGarden Smart

What sorcery is this lovely thing called the OGarden? This kickstarter has me salivating.  The OGarden Smart lets you grow up to 90 different fruits and veg in a small space right in your home. It's beautiful, doesn't take up a huge amount of space and fully automatic and I pretty much think everyone in the world needs one.


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