DIY Gifts For Gardeners

With so many gardeners in my life, I'm racking my brain to find the best holiday gift ideas for them. I love to make handmade gifts, either as the main gift or along with something I've purchased, and I thought some seed bombs might be fun this year, but only for the people who have told me what they plan on planting. I was thinking making some seed paper might also be a fun project.

The Most Magical Time of the Year

Whether it's known as a garden glow, a festival of lights or by another name, if your local botanical garden offers any kind of holiday lights feature, now is the time to enjoy it! Our local garden's glow is absolutely breathtaking, and while it can come with a hefty pricetag, if you get a membership you can save a lot of money. (The idea is to get a membership during Cyber Monday, if you have that offer available to you, and then get an option that includes tickets! Then you're paying half price AND you get free or reduced tickets.) 

Terrarium Time

A friend of mine is making and selling terrariums and they are such beautiful pieces of art and life that I know I'm going to buy at least one. He's got me thinking about making my own, too. My grandmother used to keep them on the porch and in her home, depeding on the season, and I remember feeling such awe looking at all of the things that could grow in that pretty space. It's a great time of year to work on terrariums and they would make excellent gifts for the holidays.

Hauntingly Horrid Gardens!

It's that time of year again: time to make your garden BOO tiful! We talked about some fall ornaments last week, but what about Halloween-specific decorations? There's absolutely no shortage of Halloween decorations and you can absolutely make little ghosts, pumpkin trashbags, scarecrows and all of the traditional decorations for an adorable garden, but what about something a little more sinister?

What about adding creepy plants to your garden?

Fall Garden Decorations

As gorgeous as summer gardens can be, there's something about a fall garden that gives so much comfort. It's ironic, since so much of the world is dying in fall, that we love it so much, but the United States is known for its enormous love of the season. From mums to Indian corn, scarecrows to bales of hay, it's no wonder we call it homecoming season, because fall feels like coming home.

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