Keep your sunflowers standing straight

Keep your sunflowers standing straight

Two options to help support your sunflowers

Growing large flowers has long been a goal of mine. However, it never fails: my sunflowers would always start to droop when they started to get taller. This really upset me and even started to drive me crazy because I would drive by some of the sunflower fields and see them standing nice and tall. To stop my craze, though, I decided I would try a couple of different tactics and see which ones worked best in getting my plants to stand up straight and tall like those in the fields I drove by.

The first thing which I decided to try was supporting my sunflowers with a type of trellis system. This system worked out great, but it is hard to anchor these and you have to place these in a box around your plants prior to them starting to grow. If you try to put these in after the fact you can, but you have to construct them around the plants and even then the plants can easily push your trellis system over because it can start to tip. Do not make the same mistake I did of only using it in front without any form of anchor and only digging into the dirt because it will easily push the system over with the plant weight.

Another thing that I tried out was to get my plants a wind break. The wind break I selected was the house. I planted these on the back side of my house away from the wind and this worked out great until the sunflowers grew over the peak of the roof. Then the wind decided to take hold of them and this started to bow my plants a little bit. However, if you have a natural wind  break like trees, a building or something similar, it will be the best solution for your sunflower plants.

Growing sunflowers is something I love to do, but I hate having to deal with them when they start to fall over. However, to avoid this problem I decided I would start to have my plants supported. The two methods described above are both ones that I have tried, but the one that worked out the best was the wind break. Without this type of break, the plants were easily blown over and broken before they started to grow their heads.