April showers

April showers

Hoping for May flowers!

Rainy March has given way to rainy April here at our Inland Northwest homestead. Hopefully the mercury will begin rising in the thermometer so April's rain isn't quite as bone-chillingly cold as that in March! My mind is now turned almost completely to the garden and the plants that are just starting to make their way outside.


Last week I moved the broccoli, lettuce and spinach outside to harden off. I had to bring them back in a time or two due to high winds, but today is the day I will transplant. The weather is overcast but predicted to hit the low 50s this afternoon, perfect for transplanting. You don't want bright sunlight on a transplanting day, since the sun can scorch the leaves of new transplants. A cloudy day gives them time to adjust to the garden bed before contending with heat and bright sunlight.

The tomato seedlings have all sprouted so I took the plastic covers off the seed flats this morning. Now comes the constant challenge of keeping cats and children's fingers out of those pots. My trick is I pin mesh bird netting over the front of my bookcase turned seed-starting shelf. I can pull it aside for watering and care, but the mesh provides decent protection from my household predators.

The soil is way too wet to dig in except for the spring planting beds I covered with old storm windows for the broccoli and spinach. I am hoping for at least one sunny week this month so I can get those beds amended and ready for summer planting at least two weeks before my mid-day planting date!