2018 Gardening Trends

Are you a fan of any of these?

When it comes to 2018, there's one word that can sum up the color trend and that is purple! This chive is just one example of the many shades of purple you can plant in your garden for a colorful and gorgeous eye-catching display. Did you know that in addition to purple buds, there are actually plants with shades of purple foliage you can also incorporate? Neutral tans, eggshell blues and redwood browns will also be popular colors this year.

Growing your own veggies and herbs will continue to be a trend this year, too, which is both a delightful hobby as well as a means of sustenance. Many families prefer their own crops so they know what's been used on them (and don't want pesticides on their food) while others do it to supplement a tight budget. It's an art that used to be a means for survival for most families that people really need to re-learn again.

What gardening trends do you embrace this year? Share your plans and ideas in the chat.


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