440 Million Trees

Ireland is leading the way

Many scientists say that we can greatly help our species (not to mention the rest of the planet) by planting a trillion trees to cut the carbon in our atmosphere by 25%. It's not everything we need but it is a fantastic start, and Ireland is jumping right in, planting 440 million within the next 20 years. It's wonderful news, but like Captain Marvel said, we need to go higher, further and faster, especially if we want to continue to live on this planet. 

All hands are needed on deck for this one, Earth! Every nation has to pitch in and get a trillion trees planted ASAP, as well as do more, like embracing the Green New Deal and cutting down on harmful habits that we all do out of, well, habit. Greta Thunberg has already convinced her parents to stop flying as much and to no longer eat red meat. What else can we all do as a nation--as a world--to ensure we can all keep living here?

Share your thoughts in the chat, but be sure to link to any events you're hosting to plant more trees!

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