Attracting Pollinators

My cilantro brings all the bees to the yard...

If you're working on planning your spring garden, don't forget to plant a few things to attract those pollinators! Pollinator attracting plants are wonderful ways to bring not just bees but also birds and butterflies to your yard, making it much more colorful and pleasant. It's also a great way to ensure the health of your garden.

Some great pollinator plants that you can plant include cilantro, bee balm, sage, asters, verbena and zinnias. Cosmos and daylilies are also wonderful to plant, as are butterfly bushes, of course. Look up native plants in your area to find out the best ones to use in attracting the wildlife near you.

Are you planning other ways to help the bees in your yard? Share your plans in the chat!

photo courtesy of wikipedia

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