Baker Seed Catalog Features New Varieties for 2020

You have to check these out!

I've seen memes about people getting excited about seed catalogs coming out rather than over, say, shoes or handbags, and I know y'all can relate. When that Baker Seed catalog is in my mailbox, the rest of the day is pretty much shot while Mama makes her wish list.

Baker Seed has announced a bunch of new varieties for 2020 and I know it's going to be difficult to narrow down what I want, but what else is new? Pineapple hot peppers? Brown jalapenos? Yes, please! Unfortunately they're already sold out of the Big Jim peppers, but there are a bunch of other new seeds available, as well as plenty of cool new flowers you may enjoy.

Which seeds have you giddy? Tell us what you're ordering in the chat!

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