Bayer Lawsuit Near St. Louis

Quarter-sized peaches caused major problem for farmer

When a farmer who's been in the business for decades suddenly faces a crop of peaches only the size of a quarter, naturally he's going to want some answers. Bill Bader of Missouri's Bader Farms in Dunklin County is the largest supplier of peaches in the state, but now he says that Bayer has some answering to do for his puny crops.

He says that a Bayer and Monsanto herbicide known as dicamba is what made his 1,000 acres of peaches become unsuitable for sale, and that the company knew that it would cause damage via drift once it was released.

It does look rather sketchy, seeing as the company went ahead and sold the stuff after farmes were told not to use the chemical, which was considered illegal.

Do you think Bayer is to blame for this farmer's crop failure? What other stories have you read about similar cases with this chemical? Share them in the chat.

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