Bees at the Bus Stop

Saving bees can happen anywhere!

Did you hear about how Holland is transforming bus stops into bee habitats? They've added little bee havens to the tops of 300 bus stop awnings and I can't even. This is the best, cutest idea I've heard about in forever. As our bee populations dwindle, we need to go about making the world a much more bee-friendly place. Wow, did you ever think we'd need those words, in that order?

You can do similar things in your yard. This week we are making a bee hotel (complete with a saloon sign per a scavenger hunt we're doing), and you can always add more food sources and bee-friendly plants to the yard. Many people grow gardens specifically targeting bees and I think that's fabulous.

How do you help improve the lives of bees or promote bee welfare in your neighborhood? Share your ideas in the chat!


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