Blooming Tables

Everyone needs one of these!

If you're like me and you wish you could have more plants inside your house, you might be interested in this Kickstarter that I just ran across. Called a Blooming Table, it allows you to grow plants beneath your tabletop, which not only looks incredible but blends your plants with your home decor. I am so in love with this concept.

The price range is a little steep for me, but it's got all kinds of ideas percolating in my head around DIY projects of a similar look and function. We do a LOT of pallet stuff at my house--everything from raised beds to bookshelves--and I'm thinking this might be the next big thing around here. I'm also thinking that I could find some reclaimed glass for the top, but my only issue is the same one I always have with indoor plants: my cats! 

What do you think of the Blooming Table? Do you have anything like it at home? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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