City Nature Challenge

Get in on this cool opportunity!

The City Nature Challenge is taking place April 27-30 in over 60 cities across the nation. The goal? To see which city can record the most observations of nature in a weekend--and to get people outside, taking photos and exploring nature where they live. First, log on to find the closest participating city near you.

Next, visit the city and find wildlife anywhere in the city. This could mean animals, plants, fungi... whatever nature you see, take a photo of what you find. It doesn't have to be pretty--even animal scat counts! As long as it's evidence of nature and life, take a pic. Then upload your photos on your city's listed platform for identification. From May 1 through 3, you can check out all of the submissions and identify what was found!

Will you be taking part in the City Nature Challenge? Share your photos in the chat below!

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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