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Some flowers and herbs just grow better together (and some really don't!). Do you remember back in school when we all just grew a plant and thought that was it? You just pop the seed in and watch it sprout? I remember watching mine do nothing and feeling like something was wrong with me because my teacher couldn't tell me why mine wouldn't grow. Today I know that sometimes there's something wrong with the seed, the soil, the conditions--so many variables! 

It's still not rocket science, but planting does take some research, especially if you're growing plants with different needs. That's why I love the Herb Society of America; they have fantastic tips, like planint cucumbers with sunflowers! Did you know that sunflowers make cucumbers taste sweeter? Cukes can also grow up your sunflowers like a trellis, giving them both physical and internal support!

What companion planting strategies do you use? Any cool tips handed down from generations? 

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