Fall Planting

What are your plans for fall planting?

This fall, I'm growing a few herbs indoors but I'm honestly not doing a whole lot outside. We've been so busy that we really have a lot of maintenance to do before we tackle a new garden, and between that and a sick cat, wild schedules, school and work, I think a garden might not do very well for us this year. Then again, I've had some really nice potted plants do well this year despite the constant rush, so who knows? You can get lucky!

My aunt actually told my kid, "Look there, a green thumb!" the other day and I think that was a great way to encourage a young gardener! I was always the kid whose plants didn't take well in science. I need the most specific instructions possible, and you'd think that planting and watering are enough! These days I manage to grow what I want or need most of the time, but I sure am not some great grower, and that's okay. Grow what you can, right?

Speaking of which, Baker Seeds sent me an email today saying that they are donating part of their sales toward hurricane relief efforts right now, which I think is fantastic. Visit their site for your fall seed needs and see if they've got what you're after. What are you planning on growing this fall? Share your ideas in the chat!

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