Favorite Succulents

What kinds do you have?

Why do succulents make our hearts sing so much? For me, I know there's definitely a connection to my grandmother, who was my best friend for many years. She's been gone for almost a decade and a half but I bought her old house and always try to have a few to honor her, since she always had succulents. She did a much better job at maintaining her gardens than I do, though!

I'm always looking for new and different kinds of succulents to have at my house, and I know my next wish list item is for my desk. It's difficult since I have cats who like to knock things over or chew on them, as well as dogs whose big swinging tails can also knock things over (usually my drink!). I'd love to get some good succulent ideas as well as ideas from pet owners about keeping them safe from animal involvement!

I saw these rose succulents and thought they would be super cute to grow, but I also really like the colorful varieties. How about you? What kinds do you grow?

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