Forest Therapy

Does it help you recharge?

Reports of "forest therapy" or "forest bathing" are rolling in, reminding people how therapeutic time in nature really can be, and I can't help but imagine how our ancestors would view these reports. I'm sure they'd be appalled at how many hours I spend indoors every day. I'm appalled myself sometimes!

It should come as no surprise that time in nature does us some good. There are so many books written about it, and everything from the free vitamin D (I cringe to admit that I pay for a supplement, but I have red hair and fair skin!) to the time surrounded by bird songs, lovely lush foliage and no tech has to be good for our souls. Even those of us with allergies wish we could spend more time in nature... even if we hate the bugs this time of year.

Do you practice forest therapy? How does it make you feel to spend more time in nature? Share your thoughts in the chat!

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