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Now that fall is upon us and we don't need tools nearly as much as we do during the summer months, I was wondering how everyone stores their garden equipment and tools. As many of us who would love something like this, I'm sure more people have simpler sheds or, like me, they cram all of their stuff into the basement or garage and hope for the best! 

It's not like you can cram your lawn mower into a space like that, but your trowels, shovels, rakes and so forth can be stored just about anywhere, even an outdoor bench that opens up, if it's deep and wide enough. That's actually a pretty optimal place, too, if you don't have a great storage system or you're trying to save space, since it doubles as seating. You could even build it out of pallet wood and have it line your deck or porch.

How do you store your gardening tools and supplies? Where do you keep seeds? Share your storage solutions in the chat.

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