Harvesting Onions

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The lovely thing about onions (and garlic, for that matter) is that you can harvest your crop at any time, which can result in varying flavors. But did you know how to check to see if your onions have already grown as large as they're able? According to the National Garden Association, onion leaves lose their color when they've stopped growing. They get all floppy and weak, telling you that it's time to reap what you've sown. Wouldn't it be nice if ALL crops did this for us? While many do, sometimes we have to do a bit more checking than this simple visual!

Once you do bend your onion tops over, you can leave them in the Earth for another 10 days or so to ensure they're completely mature, or you can go ahead and harvest. Just don't go longer than 10 days or your onions may rot and all of your hard work will be for naught!

What kinds of tips do you have for harvesting onions? Share them in the chat!

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