History of Botanic Illustration

Garden lovers, check this one out!

If you love your gardening tomes, this book is one for you! A History of Botanic Illustration is a collection of botanical art that's 300 years old. Most plant lovers know that drawing plants was once our primary means of recording them, passing down their information through illustrated journals and diagrams before we could take photos, make field guides and create cool apps that identify plants in seconds. This book features some amazingly detailed and gorgeous plant art that we just don't take the time to create much today.

Sure, it was a necessary way to catalogue the natural world, but it was also a beloved skill that required incredible attention to detail. Today people are too impatient to create such exquisite work, even when instructed how to do so, and it's worth taking a peek at and appreciating if you love plants or old books!

Do you draw flowers from your garden or plants anywhere you go? What kinds of nature journals do you keep?

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