How to Make Your Garden Work For You

Some experts say to not let your garden get lazy

Have you ever heard of putting your garden to work, or making your garden work for you? Experts say there are many ways to do this, from growing your own food to implementing a great rain garden to help you manage both water as well as water issues, like flooding or pooling. A good retaining wall alone can help protect your property, and bushes planted in a garden can help prevent erosion from occuring while adding to the look of your garden overall. 

It's much more about strategy than expenditure, planning than the pricetag. Carefully planning all of your landscaping mean the difference between a basement that leaks or not, or soil that stays put or runs off down your hill. Yes, sometimes it can be costly, depending on what you need to have done, but oftentimes it's simply a lot of elbow grease. 

What kinds of gardening hacks or tricks do you have to make your specific garden work for you? What types of problems have you solved with good garden planning? Share your tips (and photos!) in the chat.

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