It's Pumpkin Season!

Are you ready for all things pumpkin, all the time?

Some people hate when pumpkin spice everything, from Cheerios to coffee creamer, hits the shelves, but others love it and count down until pumpkin season like it's their birthday. There's even a meme that lists all of the months of the year until September, which is replaced with "Pumpkin," as is October and November! Pumpkins can be found nearly everywhere right now, and the question is: what will you do with yours?

We grew two huge successful pumpkins this year, which are now on our front porch. They'll stay there a long as they don't rot, which could be until the end of November, unless we decide to carve them! We also usually buy a few pumpkins for decorating and once in a while we get a couple of sugar pumpkins for baking, but normally we use canned pumpkin for that. (Did you know that canned pumpkin is great for dogs with upset stomach?) 

So far, it looks like the best pumpkin deals have been at Save-a-Lot and Trader Joe's, but Aldi is also known for their great pumpkin deals. Where do you get your pumpkins and what do you do with them? Share your ideas in the chat.


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