Jiffy Peat Pellets

Do you use them?

I've always liked Jiffy pellets for starting seeds indoors, especially when I have a tight space and want to grow a bunch in one area without making a big mess in my kitchen. I always thought it was a win-win scenario, since the pellets just mix in with your soil and the netting dissolves over time, but it turns out that the netting doesn't dissolve as quickly as one might hope for.

According to this gardener and Jiffy's customer service rep, it can take up to two years to break down. That may not be too bad, depending on your use, but many of us do want to use biodegradable products in our gardens that break down within six months to a year, especially if we need to make room for next year's crops. 

Do you use these pellets? Does it bother you about the netting breakdown time? Share your thoughts in the chat!

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