The Language Of Bees

Honey bee language appears to be universal

We all want more honeybees, whether for our personal gardens or the fate of society in general, so any news about protecting bees is always helpful. But what about bee language? While it doesn't seem like being able to "speak bee" would be all that helpful in preserving bee populations, there are actual benefits to decoding "bee dances" in order to understand how they communicate.

Scientists who are using universal calibration to understand bee language can't actually talk to the bees, but they can identify patterns that may be helpful in learning everything from where the bees are eating to where food is being collected. Scientists say that this could help humans avoid destroying vital bee habitat and help preserve areas that are important to where bees congregate and search for food. This may be key to ensuring that bees survive just as much as other efforts, such as avoiding pesticides, planting more flowers for bees and other tactics. 

What do you think of these findings? What do you do to help preserve bees in your yard?

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