LG Indoor Gardening System Soon Available

Would you buy one?

Growing our veggies and herbs indoors will likely be something we'll need to do on Earth eventually, and many people have already discovered various ways to do just that. From hydroponics to complex lighting systems, there are already a few ways to grow your food inside, but now LG is getting in on this business and selling indoor gardening systems.

These systems will probably be pricey, but they'll take the guesswork out of having an indoor garden. The tool attaches to your fridge (naturally!) and it can grow 24 packs of seeds, which come complete with fertilizer and peat moss. It may not be ideal for those who prefer their own brands of all of these components but it might make it easier to keep a garden inside.

What do you think of the LG gardening system? Would you want one for your house?

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