Lowering Your Standards

Just stay with me here...

For the last month, I've been listening to 30 Days of Genius at Creative Live with Chase Jarvis and I've learned so much. Sure, there were speakers I didn't resonate with but there were pages of notes between others. Oen of the things I picked up was to set smaller, achievable goals to make it toward your larger goals. Every year we vow to grow all of our own food, for example. That is a HUGE goal for a family that's always working, on the go, homeschooling, etc. We end up spending more than we can afford on organic materials, building giant raised beds, etc. only to not have the time needed to really care for our plants, which then DIE.

So we decided that we'll just do some container food gardening this year. We will plant some starters indoors (which we have ready!) and transfer them outside to some containers and just start from there. My hope is that eventually we'll get the hang of how much work it takes and create a workable habit to grow ALL our food someday... but enough food for now to at least have a meal from our garden a week.

How about you? Any plans you can tweak to make more attainable? Share your goals in the chat.

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