Millions Of Peaches, Peaches For Me

Do you grow peaches?

One of my goals is to grow our own fruit trees, but I know it can be a time-consuming process. I've read that you can't even eat the fruit for the first year or two for many fruits that you grow at home, too. My aunt bought a house with a peach tree in the front yard, and I'm so excited to eat peaches from it! I also want to have one of my own, so these peach growing tips will come in handy.

I don't know the first thing about peach varieties, so I'm so glad there are guides like this to help me get started. Where I live, temperatures rarely get as low as -10, but it can happen, so that does worry me a bit with a new tree. Any tips for keeping trees safe when it frosts? I know we've used plastic to help before with frosts on other plants and trees so maybe that is the solution. 

What kinds of tips do you have for growing peaches? Share them in the chat!

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