Mums, Mums Everywhere!

How can you not love mums?

Okay, I know how you can't love mums: if you have pets, it's hard to love them, or at least to have them around your pets, since they can be dangerous to pets. As a mom to cats and dogs, I know the pain of having to not bring these beauties indoors! However, I do have areas outside my house that are off-limits to my pets, like the deck off the side of my house. The dogs love the big fenced-in front yard, but they dig up anything I plant, so everything has to go to the side yard. 

I have to have mums somewhere each year. They're gorgeous, and this year I've seen so many jack o'lantern planters that it's pretty much impossible to not get any mums, right? I love how you can just plant any of them that don't take or die and they grow, giving you even more. I also love all of the beautiful shades they come in, especially the dark burgundy.

Where have you found great fall planters for your mums this year? Share your sources in the chat!

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