October Gardening

Can you even do it yet?

It's October, but where I live it's still in the 90s and my summer flower baskets remain in full bloom! I'm worried that this is going to become a commonplace thing with climate change upon us, and at the moment I could really do with some low 70s breezes and sweaters. How about you?

It's difficult to plan for your garden when the weather is doing strange things like this. You can still do some soil prep at this time of year, but when you still have things growing, it's kind of hard to want to harvest everything when you can get more out of your crops. This means that your normal schedule will likely be off a bit for the rest of the season, but you may have more to eat and can when you're done.

What are you doing right now to prep your garden for fall and winter, if anything? I haven't even bought hay for my chickens yet but I know I need to soon. Share your tips in the chat!

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