Planting Milkweed

The perfect butterfly food

Our 4-H group planted a monarch butterfly garden at our library this past year with milkweed as a big focal point. It's already been home to monarch butterflies and beautiful flowers! Every year I say I'm going to do the same and I save seeds, but I never get around to it. This will be the year!

I have some milkweed already growing up a trellis but I want to create a cool habitat there with much more of the plant. I have the seeds saved, and I've already done the 30 days in the fridge to help them germinate (um, is longer than 30 okay? Does anyone know?), so next I think I'm going to follow these directions and plant them in some starter pots to make sure they're successful before transplanting outside.

Do you have any milkweed at your house? How did you plant it?


photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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