Preparing Your Garden For Fall

It's time to clear that garden!

It's fall, y'all! Okay, as annoying as that sounds, autumn does mean that it's time to get our gardens all cleared out and ready for the next season. One of the biggest things to do this time of year is to clear, clear, clear, which means to weed again. You think you're all done after the heat of summer, but once those weeds begin to seed again that's double (or more!) weeds for you next season! Make sure to really clear out those weeds to help start a fresh garden next time around.

It's also time to put some gorgeous organic material down to help make your garden a welcoming place for spring veggies and flowers--and by gorgeous, I obviously mean smelly, rich and delightful. If you make your own compost, great! If not, you can always get some at the store. We have friends come and get chicken droppings from our coop to help their gardens as well. Get that earth rich and fertile with plenty of support for next year and you'll be ahead of the game.

What else do you to for fall prepping in your garden? Share your tips in the chat!

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