Scarecrows And Hay Bales

All the fall things!

Does anyone else sing, "All the FALL things" whenever the Blink-182 song comes on the radio? No? Just me? Bah, I don't care, I love fall so much, and one of the things I love is having straw bales and corn stalks in my yard. We keep meaning to grow our own corn, which would give us a source of our own stalks, of course, but they are sold pretty cheaply at the produce stand, and ever since I was a child we always had tents made out of corn stalks in the front yard. 

The bales are great for many things. Not only can you use them for seating, but you can use them for protection for your garden, or even growing sources! People grow many things out of straw and it's a pretty sustainable way to grow food. Of course, you can also use it for insulation, which is what I do with mine once it's really cold. My chickens love to roll in it, though, and often shove it out of their coop in order to nest in it around the run.

Do you like to use hay, straw, corn stalks and other fun harvest items in your garden? If so, what do you do with them?

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