Seeds Sprout to the Far Side of the Moon

It sounds like a Pink Floyd album

Cotton seeds growing on the dark side of the moon? Apparently it's possible, given that China just made it their mission to bring some seeds up on their last lunar landing. While the coldness of the moon ultimately destroyed the seeds, they did begin to sprout once they were watered... on the moon. So no, we don't have crops on the moon just yet, but it's incredible that we can say China actually sprouted life there. Additional seeds also showed promise, prompting scientists to agree that the experiment supports the idea that perhaps growing life in space could work.

Obviously much more work would need to be done to ensure the survival of the plants and the humans that would grow them, but the scientists are already experimenting on the conditions used to foster growth and what steps would be necessary to sustain it further. It will be interesting to find out what else is learned.

Where's the strangest place you've grown a plant? Tell us in the chat!


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