A Self-Owning Tree

Do any of your plants have autonomy?

The Giving Tree has nothing on William H. Jackson, a man who loved his tree in Athens, Georgia so much that he decided to give it ownership of itself to protect it for years to come. Known locally as the Tree That Owns Itself, it was the tallest tree in the area in the 1800s, and it became a self-owning tree in 1890. Jackson, a professor, was so attached to the tree that he couldn't bear having it hurt, so he decided to make sure it was protected for many years to come. Now it's a tourist attraction but it's also safe from destruction.

The current tree is actually the original's son, as the original was damaged in a storm, but it's still a popular tree. Some people think that it's weird but I remember having a favorite tree as a kid I loved more than anything and my heart broke when my dad ran it over with the lawnmower! He righted the tree and the last time we drove by that old house, many years ago, it was enormous.

Do you have a beloved tree that you couldn't bear to see cut down?

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