Setting Up Starter Plants

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It's almost February, which means it's almost time to get those starter seeds germinating! It's such an exciting time of year and I can't wait to get started. My family and I like to use cardboard egg cartons or starter cartons for our plants so they can just be put directly into the ground to decompose without waste. We've also used TP rolls cut in half in the past! We do our seeds in the kitchen window and move them to the greenhouse later, but our little greenhouse was roughed up by storms this year and no longer has a cover, so we will have to directly plant them this time around.

How do you start your seeds? I'd love to hear about your soil tips, types and buying ideas. I have yet to find a soil I love and I don't want one with pesticides or anything like that in it, which makes it a little harder to come by. Usually I get whatever is on sale at various home and gardening stores but I know homemade mixes tend to do better.

What soils and starter supplies do you use? Share your tips in the chat below!


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