Turn Your Plant Into A Pet

Lua gives your plant "feelings"

Many plant lovers treat their flowers and plants like pets, but now there's smart technology that allows us to change our plants into nanopet-like creatures. Meet Lua, the smart planter that displays "feelings" on your planter depending on how you care for it. It's meant to help you take better care of your plants by giving you visible signals regarding how too little or too much water you give your plant, or whether or not it is too cold or warm. 

The plant's "face" actually changes and displays when it's "drinking," and "watches" you move, smiling and appearing pleased when it gets water or appearing like it's going to vomit when it's over-watered. Click the video to see all of this thing's different expressions! The planter "knows" what your plant needs because you fill out the information in an app to connect it with and ensure that it's the proper amount of sun, water and care for that particular plant species. It costs $110 to back the project on Indiegogo and get one for yourself.

Would you use one of these "smart plants" in your home? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the chat.


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