A Village Fit For Mice

What would you do with mice in your garden?

In my family, we love mice so much that I had to say no when my husband and daughter wanted a snake. We had it in the house for two nights and I couldn't stand the idea of feeding it mice--or worse, rabbits, when it got older. We've had many mice pets! I understand they have to eat them, but I won't buy them as food. Luckily the breeder was happy to have the snake returned.

This man seems to love mice even more than I do. When he found some living in his garden, he decided to make them an adorable village to enjoy! I have to say the photos are so lovely that I thought they were fake at first. He's made them quite the home!

Have you ever made mouse, frog or other critter homes in your garden? Share your know-how with us in the chat!

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