Weed Control

How do you manage it?

Okay gardeners, this is my biggest weak spot: weed control! How do you even begin to manage it? Up until now, my best strategy has basically been laborious elbow grease, pulling and pulling again. I hear prevention can be helpful, but I don't like weed killers and won't use them--at least, not the commercial ones. If there are more natural ones available I might be interested. 

Searching has only yielded me some common sense tips that I either don't want to use, like I mentioned, or that I already do (mowing close to the garden), so I'm really curious about what everyone else does to prevent or treat weeds in the garden. I'd also love to hear how you get rid of weeds in other areas, like around the driveway, without harming anything in the process. I've tried boiling water and a few mixtures I've read about online but nothing's offered weed prevention, although some of these tactics have killed a few weeds.

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