What Do You Plant in Fall?

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Most people know that you can still grow lots of things year-round, especially if you grow indoors or in a greenhouse, but there are lots of veggies that do well during cooler weather, too. From lettuce to cauliflower, broccoli to scallions, you can keep yourself and your family in fresh veggies for months to come. Depending on where you live, they may grow better, but as long as you follow the care instructions in your area you can still eat some fresh produce throughout the fall months. 

I've always been successful with lettuce, which is super easy, does well most of the year (early spring, too!) and can be cut and grown back. Making your own salads is a fun hobby because it's nutritious and yields yummy results for your hard work!

So what will you be planting this fall? Share your crops and plans in the chat!

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