Winterizing Veggie Gardens

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For me, making sure to turn off the hose and getting my compost onto the soil pretty much sum up what winterizing means for my garden. Of course we harvest anything left over and clear out anything that's died, but I must confess that I've never checked the pH of my soil like this piece advises. I also never thought to plant garlic throughout the garden now, which makes perfect sense, of course.

When it comes to the compost, I make all of my own with kitchen scraps and yard waste throughout the year, but between the dogs and chickens we don't often have as many scraps as we once did. Still, the chickens also contribute to the pile, and if you have a source of chicken manure I highly suggest making use of it if you can. Offer to clean out a friend's coop if they're not already using all of it and put that gold to use! 

What winterizing tips do you have when it comes to garden prep? Do you test for pH or have any special tricks you use to ensure the best garden come spring? Do you plant anything in winter? Share your routine in the chat.

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